Eagle Taekwondo Academy Belt Promotion Test

Monday, May 9 ,2022

3:30pm~4:10pm White/Yellow

4:20pm~5:00pm Green/blue

5:10pm~5:50pm Red/Black

6:00pm~6:40pm White/Yellow

6:50pm~7:30pm Red/Black

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

3:30pm~4:10pm White/Yellow

4:20pm~5:00pm Green/Blue

5:10pm~5:50pm Red/Black

6:00pm~6:50pm White/Yellow

7:00pm~8:30pm BBC Seminar

Testing form due by April 29, 2022

After due date, $20 late fee will be applied

All Student must wear your V-neck uniform

No allowed T-shirt

Set up the appointment with Master for the make up test.

There is $20 make up fee will be charge

No regular classes on testing day.